ABIBOO Studio is an award-winning design firm with apresence in Spain, the US, and India. The Company’s philosophy promotes innovation in architecture, urbanism, interior spaces, and consumer products.

ABIBOO Studio’s international and multidisciplinary team boasts more than 20 years of global experience in small- and large-scale architectural and industrial design projects in the following sectors: residential, commercial, hospitality, retail, cultural, educational, integrated townships, and consumer goods.

ABIBOO Studio focuses on customized, contemporary solutions, lending special attention to innovation based on the development of integral processes at the intersection of arts, engineering, economics, sensorial experiences, and technology.

As a pioneer and innovative company in contemporary architecture, urban design and landscape architecture. Mdesign offers you its experience and expertise with its creative and talented team.

Mdesign, aiming to provide creative and unique ideas with its young dynamic design team and experienced consultants, has successfully completed many national and international projects at different scales.

The company’s success has also been acknowledged with many design awards in national architecture, urban design and landscape architecture design competitions.

Inspired by the nature itself with our contemporary and forward looking projects and services in architecture, urban design, landscape architecture, implementation, consultation, 3D visualisations and animation, automatic irrigation and lighting, Mdesign provides livable environments.

KUTVAN Project has been established in Sabahat Ayşe Kutvan’s leadership in 2003. The KUTVAN PROJECT office has realized architectural and interior design, application projects and architectural consultancy forvarious Turkic Republics and Turkey.

It is currently in service with both Istanbul and Baku offices.


 ● Architectural Design and Project Services

 ● Architectural Supervision Services

 ● Mechanical and Electrical Project Services

 ● Infrastructure Projects

 ● Interior Design and Application

 ● Landscape Design

 ● Land and Project Improvement

 ● Project Management Consultancy




M design



E-mail: aysekutvan@gmail.com

M: +99.450.543.22.10 / Baku - Azerbaijan

M: +90.538.251.38.15 / İstanbul - Turkey

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